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Chubb Trident 2215 TRTL-30x6  

John Tann Fortress TRTL-30x6 

 Original UL TL30 Model 1814

Original UL TL-30x6 Model 7036

Steelage UL TL30 Model 5536

Ultimate Diamant UL TL-60x6 Model 6522

Kaso UL TL-15 Model 1419

ISM Treasury UL TRTL 30x6

Excalibur UL TRTL 60x6 Model 6000

ISM Super Treasury UL TRTL 30x6




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Hookway Safe Message Board

Posted: 2/3/17


In this ever changing world, there is still one safe expert you can trust...




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"I have been looking for a large safe for about 3 months. I needed something large enough to store a backup hard drive for sensitive patient electronic records, the company laptops when out of town, controlled substance meds, weapons, cash, important documents and jewelry. Needed protection from theft as well as fire, etc. Started with a Cannon "Executive Vault" [aka "gun safe'] from Costco, and because it came damaged, (quite accidentally) I realized how much a WORTHLESS PIECE OF JUNK it was, and the absolutely FALSE SENSE OF SECURYTY it gave. Started looking at Liberty, Fort Knox, and the sub $7500 AMSEC safes and found out that they may have been built a bit better, but were essentially glorified filing cabinets!! Look up the UL RSC spec, watch some YouTube videos and understand these things won't keep out a 120 pound crack head with a splitting maul for more than 2-3 minutes! So... I quickly realized I needed at least a REAL SAFE with a REAL UL rating, like the TL-30x6. Enter a Google search and my first call to 800-345-6552. The sales representative is VERY knowledgeable, talked me through my needs and offered a few different solutions from his inventory. He didn't do the Liberty and Fort Knox dealer "hard sell" by a dropout of used car salesman school that I experienced locally."