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CNBC, short for the Consumer News and Business Channel, and headquarted in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, is a channel that revolves around daily business headlines and live coverage of financial markets.  Home to approximately 390 million viewers worldwide, CNBC is one of the best channels to get up to date information on all of the major happenings in the business world.


CNBC wanted to discuss some topics like the new trends in the safe industry, the spike increase in the purchase of  home safes and security safes, and the correlation between the market meltdown, the recession, and more consumers buying safes.


Courtney Reagan, a television anchor for CNBC, was nice enough to stop by our safes showroom in New Jersey to chat with us.  It was a great discussion that brought out a lot of reasons for the increase in home safes purchasing. 


More consumers were buying home safes because they have finally been triggered with fear and worry.  "Everyone knows that they could use a safe, but it is something that people overlook because they could be used to nothing bad happening like a burglary or fire.  But now since we are entering a recession, and the banks may fail us, and the safe deposit box isn't so safe anymore, and where unemployment and crime are going to increase, and where the stock market is volatile, people begin to get worried.  And when people get worried, people buy our product.  We knew this was going to happen, we planned for it, and are ready for it."


Please click the link below to watch the short clip.