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Megasafe HS Series 2818 TL-15 Equivalent

Megasafe HS Series 2818 TL-15 Equivalent
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Standard Features:

  • Door: Overall thickness 5 ½"
  • Body: Overall thickness 2 ¾"


Anti Burglary Components:
  • Hard plate to deter drilling.
  • Independent re-locking device.
  • Solid steel handle designed to shear off under attack.
  • Massive 1 3/8 ” round chrome plated locking bolts.
  • Full length locking bar on hinge side of safe to deter prying attacks.
  • Two anchoring hole in base for easy bolt down. 
  • 3 way locking bolts.


Fire and Burglary Labels:
  • Manufacturer 350° 2 Hour Fire Label
  • Equivalent to TL 15 
  • TL 30 lock mechanisms



  • UL Group 2 Combination Lock
  • High Security Mauer Key Lock 
  • TL 30 lock mechnisms




The all new HS Series is designed and constructed to withstand the impact of burglary and fire, unlike any safe in its class! This TL-15 Equivalent safe is perfect for storing both valuables and documents. 

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