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Amsec Drop Safe DSR2014

Amsec Drop Safe DSR2014
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Drop is in Back of Safe
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  • Strong, formed "B" Rate construction made of A36 solid steel plate for improved security and appearance.
  • Formed door jamb for increased resistance to sledgehammer attack.
  • Four anchor bolt holes are standard.


  • 1/2" thick A36 solid steel plate, recessed 1/2" to increase resistance to pry attack.
  • Three 1" diameter chromed steel locking bolts.
  • Bolt detent system engages boltwork automatically.
  • Auxiliary spring-loaded relocking device.
  • Lock and relock protected by large carburized hardplate.


  • Reverse Load: 4"D x 2"W x 9-3/4"L
Recessed, heavy duty 3/16" construction (1/4" door).
Protected by dual “anti-fish” baffles.


Picture (Image) 1: Electronic Lock: $625.00

Option 2 (Not Pictured): Combo Lock: $575.00

Option 3 (Not Pictured): Key Lock: $555.00





This safe's concept is that it can be placed in a wall with the hopper on one side and the door, with access to the drops on the other side.


This Rear Deposit Hopper handles packages up to 4" x 2" x 9" in size. The inside storage capacity is 1500 cubic inches or a size of 10" x 13" x 11".



20.25 x 14 x 14
.5" A36 Steel Plate
1,513 cu. in.
3 - 1"


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