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Amsec Vault Door VD8036BF

Amsec Vault Door VD8036BF
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Sale Price: $5310.00



  • Vault Door: A Full 2 Inches Thick including a powerful defense barrier of a 1/2 Steel Plate Door and 1 3/8" of DryLight Insulation creating a burglary and fire resistant vault door.
  • Vault Equipped with a Group II High Security Lock supported by a massive hard plate and, two ReLockers
  • Lock & Handle: Mechanical Lock has spy proof dial.  Turn Handle is a 5 spoke handle available in polished brass, chrome or, black nickel.
  • Locking Bolts: 10 Total 1 1/2" Chrome Plated Bolts
  • Vault Door Hinges are Commercial Grade ensuring smooth opening and closing
  • Fire Resistant Feature: 2 Fire seals with silicone on the door jamb and, Palusol© on the door as well.
  • Adjustable Door Frame: A new feature, the adjustable door frame now slides together to allow the vault door to fit into wall thicknesses between 4 3/4" up to 9 3/4"
  • Safety Lock Release: This feature allows you to safely exit the vault room from the inside.  In addition, you can close and lock the door from the inside when it is equipped with an electronic lock.
  • SAFE ROOM: With the safety lock release feature, you can effectively use your vault as a safe room if the need were to arise.






Minimum Wall Opening 

H x W 

Minimum Door Opening Required
H x W

In-Swing Door



79½ x 35½

77½ x 31

77½ x 25 3/16


819 lbs.



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