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SentrySafe Fire Resistant Vault Door V78404

SentrySafe Fire Resistant Vault Door V78404
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The Sentry V78404 is an insulated vault door that should be utilized where an N.F.P.A. rated fire resistant vault is appropriate. This model is a 350-4-Hour UL rated fire door, 78" high by 40" wide, 1,118 lbs. The V78404 undergoes rigorous testing by Underwriters Laboratories Inc., including fire endurance tests for variable times, as well as additional tests involving water blasts to simulate firehouse spray and reheating for 1/2 hour. The vault door performs at a level which exceeds its UL required rating. It also carries a Class B Mercantile Burglary Insurance rating for security, Underwriters Laboratories Inc. labels and certifications for times specified. For further protection and safety, the door includes an inside escape mechanism which can be easily located and operated, even in the dark. A relocking device automatically resets the lock bolt if the lock sustains an attack. Ten live bolts, each 1 1/4" in diameter, are located on each side of the door. All exposed boltwork will be heavily nick-plated and permanently lubricated. The unique design of the door frame allows for easy, non-grout installation in walls 7" - 18" thick. Entrance will be tapered no more than 10 degrees and the rear architrave will be removable. Door is equipped with a standard key change combination lock.


Dimensions: 78" H x 40" W
Door Thickness: 5 3/8"
Clear Opening: 78" H x 40"
Masonry Opening: 50 1/2"
Door Swing: 47"
Front Architrave: 53 1/8"
Wall Thickness: Between 7"-18"
Shipping Weight: 1,118 lbs.
Color Options: Gray, Charcoal, Forest Green or Tan
Installation instructions are provided.

The vault door comes standard with a key changeable combination lock but there are many other lock options available.
Please call for more information on lock options and other vault door accessories.
*Please specify if it is a right swing or a left swing.



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