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SLS UL TRTL 30x6 Model 3520

SLS UL TRTL 30x6 Model 3520
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Safe Dimensions: 


  • Outside Dimensions (inches): 43.5h x 28.5w x 30.5d
  • Inside Dimensions (inches): 35h x 20w x 19d
  • Cubic Feet: 7.7
  • Selves: 3






The safe door presents the criminal with a 4.25" thick protective barrier incorporating SLS developed zacalum with special stainless steel superamics protecting vital primary and secondary locking areas. In addition to the door casting SLS maintain their two barrier philosophy with the inclusion of wirand zacrete. The overall door thickness is 7.25"



The safe body completes the six-sided construction, incorporating a sophisticated one-piece five-sided casting. Again high strength wirand zacrete complements the protection which has a minimum thickness of 4.25". Additional resistance to drill attack through the safe body onto the primary lock is included.



Dual locking is standard, incorporating a UL listed Group One manipulation proof combination lock, in conjunction with the unique and patented SLS Anti-Drill Keylocks with detachable bits. Alternatively, two combination locks can be provided, as can provision for a timelock. As a pioneer in sophisticated relocking devices, the Columbia Mk ll incorporates two glass nerve centres connected by a random routing with protective tubing to the actual device which is additionally protected by special stainless steel superamics, so that neither the mechanism or the relocking bar can be attacked by drill. A live relocking device protects the boltwork each time the primary lock is locked.



All of our pre-owned safes are professionally resstored with our exclusive three coat paint process (not rolled on). All the mechanisms are professionally inspected and must pass our rigorous testing. The results are a safe that looks and feels like new.



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