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Original UL TL30x6 Model 3324 Left hand Swing

Original UL TL30x6 Model 3324 Left hand Swing
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Safe Dimensions: 


  • Outside Dimensions (inches): 40h x 31w x 30d
  • Inside Dimensions (inches): 33h x 24w x 19d
  • Cubic Feet: 8.24
  • Selves: 4
  • Weight: 2090 lbs


  • High Security UL Rated TL30x6

    Potentially insures up to $1 Million

  • Six-sided Protection

    All six sides are constructed with super alloy manganese plating

  • Burglary Resistan & Fire Resistant

    Protects against powerful tools such as drills, chisels, sledgehammers, wedges, power saws, carbide disc cutters, and explosive attacks. 350 Degree, Two Hour Fire Resistant Rating. Manufacturer tested at temperatures up to 1850 Degrees.








An impressive 6.75 inches thick, constructed of a high strength blend of PSI cement, including super alloy manganese plating.



Constructed of the same high strength blend of PSI cement, with super alloy  manganese plating, has an overall body of 3.5 inches.



Massive 1.5 inch hardened steel side bolts, chrome fixed bolts, and the all important top and bottom locking steel bolts.



Sargent and Greenleaf UL Rated Group 2M High Security Chrome Combination Lock and High Security Key Lock.



Protected with random relocking systems. A tempered glass trigger will activate the relocking systems in the event the safe is attacked.


All of our pre-owned safes are professionally resstored with our exclusive three coat paint process (not rolled on). All the mechanisms are professionally inspected and must pass our rigorous testing. The results are a safe that looks and feels like new.



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