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Megasafe Jewelers x6 UL TL30x6 Model 5526

Megasafe Jewelers x6 UL TL30x6 Model 5526
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Sale Price: $4000.00






  • UL TL30X6 Rating
  • Inside Dimensions(inches): 55” High x 26” Wide x 18” Deep
  • Outside Dimensions(inches): 62” High x 33” Wide x 29” Deep
  • Cubic Feet: 15 ft.
  • Cubic Inches: 25,740 in.
  • Weight: 3,720 lbs.
  • Door Swing: Left Handed




    **In process of being refurbished**














    The Megasafe Jewelers x6 has the uncompromised integrity only a UL rated TL-30×6 safe possesses at a competetive price that can’t be beat! Perfect for businesses who must rely on the upmost level of protection.

    • Pre-Owned in Premium Condition
    • UL TL-30×6


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