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John Tann TRTL 30x6 Model 7026

John Tann TRTL 30x6 Model 7026
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Safe Dimensions: 


  • Outside Dimensions (inches): 80.75h x 37 3/8w x 34d
  • Inside Dimensions (inches): 70h x 26 3/4w x 18 7/8d
  • Cubic Feet: 20.45
  • Selves: 5
  • Weight: 6000 lbs



  • U.L. TRTL30x6 Label
  • Multi-Barrier Protection
  • 1.5 hour Fire-Resistance Certificate
  • Original glass plate Protection
  • Changeable keylock (acid resistant)
  • Dual locks
  • Prepared for time lock
  • Random relockers
  • Riggers key combination
  • Thermal link
  • Concealed hinges and recessed door






The total door thickness is 7 7/8", with a massive multi-barrier protective thickness of 5 1/4".



The protective body thickness (sides, top, bottom and back) is made up of a massive 5 5/16" of multi-barrier materials. The Tann philosophy of protection in depth, using multi-barrier marterials, means that our TRTL30x6 safe, offers substantial protection against attack by torch, drills, hand tools and explosives. This multi-layers protection means a potential attacker is forced to change equipment several times during an attack.

  • Copper- A specific barrier against attack by torch(oxy. arc).
  • Tann Alloy ll- A substantial barrier against attack by torch and drills.
  • Adamantium- A potent barrier against attack by drills, hand tools and explosives.



Standard locking-one 'group one' manipulation proof combination lock and one 9-lever high security double-bitted changeable, acid-resistant keylock. Keys supplied in triplicate. The combination lock is fitted with a spy-proof dial and dial check-lock.

The Tann TRTL30x6 Plus is equipped with a powerful 4-way sliding bolt system, complete with random relocking and cross-locking devices, within a massive recessed door. Unique to the safe making industry, this door provides ultimate strength against concentrated attacks- wedging, explosives and all other forms of attack known today.


All of our pre-owned safes are professionally resstored with our exclusive three coat paint process (not rolled on). All the mechanisms are professionally inspected and must pass our rigorous testing. The results are a safe that looks and feels like new.



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