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ISM Super Platinum 3827 UL TRTL60x6

ISM Super Platinum 3827 UL TRTL60x6
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  • UL TRTL60X6 High Security Rating
  • Inside Dimensions(inches): 38" High x 27" Wide x 20" Deep
  • Outside Dimensions(inches): 47" High x 36" Wide x 32" Deep
  • Cubic Feet: 8.5
  • Two Locks: 1 High Security Mechanical Lock & 1 High Security Key Lock
  • Weight: 3,750 Lbs.





Special Features   Maximum burglary resistant security safe. The Super Platinum was created as a result of ISM's conviction that safes of such high security rating could be produced at a reasonable cost, and thus meet security needs for extreme risk protection.

Body   The body of the super platinum is cast in one piece for extra strength and protection. The casting is made with a large layer of Alcereamic, with special pipes at the bolt work protective area. In addition, the body is constructed with a layer of special tar insulation. ISM uses superior insulation material to protect the safe during burglary attempts. Around the doorframe area, there are more special alloy bars on all sides for added protection against torch attacks.

Locks   The ISM Super Platinum comes equipped with U.L. listed Group 1 manipulation proof combination lock. A second double bit key lock is provided in conjunction with the combination lock. As an option, all models accept a three-movement time lock or an electronic combination lock with time delay and/or time lock.

Bolt Work and Locking Mechanisms   The bolt work and locking mechanisms are of high strength construction in order to ensure that they withstand torch and sophisticated tool attacks and drills. The bolt work is a high tech design and manufactured to prevent any form of direct or indirect attacks on the locks. Bolts slide out in three directions with fixed bolts on the hinge side of the door.

Relocking Devices   The area of the locks and the vital mechanism areas are protected from attack by a special glass plate, which if tampered with, will release a number of randomly located re-lockers. The locks are also protected with a sophisticated system that provides a superior level of protection.

Interior Fittings   Adjustable / removable shelves are available for setting up the safe interior to accept trays for jewelry, cash, and other valuables. 




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