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ISM Super Platinum 3826 UL TRTL60x6

ISM Super Platinum 3826 UL TRTL60x6
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Extremely well constructed 
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  • UL TRTL60X6 High Security Safe: Potentially insures up to $5 Million
  • Inside Dimensions(inches): 38½" High x 25¼" Wide x 18" Deep
  • Outside Dimensions(inches): 47" High x 35¾" Wide   32¼" Deep
  • Two Locks: High Security Mechanical Lock & High Security Key Lock
  • Cubic Feet (Interior): 10.29
  • Shelves: 3





  • This safe can withstand extreme torch and tool attacks on all 6 sides
  • ISM Super Platinum is the world's only UL Rated TRTL60x6 safe!
  • Rare safe, hard to come by
  • Unparalleled peace of mind


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