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Chatwood TRTL 30x6 equivalent model 3420/19

Chatwood TRTL 30x6 equivalent model 3420/19
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Safe Dimensions: 


  • Outside Dimensions (inches): 43h x 29.5w x 30.5d
  • Inside Dimensions (inches): 34h x 20w x 19d
  • Cubic Feet: 7.47
  • Weight:  2,576 lbs
  • Selves: 2






7.5in thick and rectangular the door is constructed from outer and inner steel plates continuously welded to form a single structure and enclosing a 2in thick solid layer of Chatwood Milner Torch and drill resisting armour to produce a total metal thickness of 2 7/8in. The total strength of this door is to effectively resist electric drills, oxyacetylene torches, forcing tools, sledgehammers and explosives. The boltwork chamber is protected over its whole area by torch and drill resisting armour, the whole making up a super burglar resistive soor.



By enclosing a 2in thick solid layer of torch and drill resisting armour which has been cast into (1) piece in a steel outer and inner lining Chatwood Milner Engineers have produced a safebody of exceptional strength. This 2in thick solid layer of torch and drill resisting armour cast in one (1) piece eliminates the necessity of welding five (5) slabs of materials together to form a body. Welded slabs produce weak welded Seams. This construction also eliminates the possibility of weak seams splitting open when explosives or wedges are used because Chatwood Milner construction does not produce a slab constructed safe with weak welded seams. 



1.5in diameter steel sliding bolts extends from all four (4) sides of the door to ensure a solidarity with the body. The 2in thick solid layer of torch and drill resisting armour protects the boltwork and locking mechanism from every angle. On closing the combination lock or keylock the internal boltwork mechanism is disconnected from the external turn handle. The handle revolves free as though it were broken, without any possibility of re-engaging the internal boltwork mechanism until  the proper combination numbers are used to open the combination lock and the proper key used to open the keylock. Any attempt to force an entry by dislodging the combination lock or keylock is thereby defeated since with the handle and boltwork system disconnected from one another there is no means of retracting the four (4) way boltwork system.



All of our pre-owned safes are professionally resstored with our exclusive three coat paint process (not rolled on). All the mechanisms are professionally inspected and must pass our rigorous testing. The results are a safe that looks and feels like new.



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