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Chatwood-Milner Monarch 3420 TRTL30x6 Equivalent

Chatwood-Milner Monarch 3420 TRTL30x6 Equivalent
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Ultra Protection 
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  • Equivalent to TRTL30X6 High Security Rating: Potentially insures $3 Million Plus
  • Torch & Tool Resistant
  • Inside Dimensions: 34” High x 20½” Wide  x 19” Deep
  • Outside Dimensions: 43” High x 29.5” Wide x 30” Deep
  • Two Locks: 1 High Security Mechanical Lock & 1 High Security Key Lock
  • Cubic Feet: 7.5
  • Weight: 2,576 lbs.
  • Shelves: 2


A safe's core objective is to secure your valuables.  No other mass produced safe in the world has ever provided as much security as the Chatwood Milner (Chubb) Safes.  Crafted in England, the Chatwood Milner Safe is the ultimate fortress for your most precious possessions.  Top safe experts and the world's best safe crackers will tell you that these Chatwood Milner Safes are the strongest, toughest, and most secure safes on the planet.  Diamond industry giants adore the Chatwood Milner.  It is the most untouchable safe available to the public.


  • Impecable equivalent rating of TRTL30x6.
  • Superb in construction and materials used.
  • Extremely high level of pretection equipped with this safe, as well as your priceless peace of mind.



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