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Used 6428 Chatwood Milner TRTL30X6 Equivalent High Security Safe

Used 6428 Chatwood Milner TRTL30X6 Equivalent High Security Safe
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A safe's core objective is to secure your valuables.  No other mass produced safe in the world has ever provided as much security as the Chatwood Milner (Chubb) Safes.  Crafted in England, the Chatwood Milner Safe is the ultimate fortress for your most precious possessions.  Top safe experts and the world's best safe crackers will tell you that these Chatwood Milner Safes are the strongest, toughest, and most secure safes on the planet.  Diamond industry tycoons adore the Chatwood Milner.  It is one of the most untouchable safes available to the public.





  • Torch & Tool Burglary Resistance equivalent to TRTL30X6 Rating: Potentially insures up to $3 Million.  We've even seen it insure for $5 Million.
  • Inside Dimensions(inches): 64” High x 28” Wide x 17” Deep
  • Outside Dimensions(inches): 73” High x 37½” Wide x 28½” Deep
  • Two Locks: Chatwood Milner High Security Combination Lock & Chatwood Milner High Security Key Lock 
  • Isolator Locking Mechanism: Incredible Engineering & unmatched security
  • Cubic Feet: 17.63
  • Weight: 4,592 lbs.
  • Shelves: 4




    Chatwood Milner Monarch Brochure




    • Highly coveted by diamond dealers, pawn shop owners, and jewelers.  Any home or business owner would also benefit if A LOT of value needs to be secured like large sums of cash for multiple days straight, an expensive gun collection, coin collection or, an irreplaceable set of family heirlooms.
    • Crafted in England, the engineering, quality, alloy metal, and unique security features make the Chatwood Milner Monarch the "cream of the crop."
    • The safe is in great condition.  You can expect it to last you a lifetime.
    • Adjustable Shelves are standard.  Feel free to get creative with added options like a gun rack, wooden drawer cabinet, etc.
    • The 642817 Chatwood Milner Monarch is a rare commodity that will run out of stock one day.  Get it while it's available.


    ***The Actual Safe is a New Arrival and is going through the Rejuvenation & Restoration Process. The safe pictured isn't the actual safe but, the actual safe is the same exact model Chatwood Milner Monarch 642817 Safe.   Choose your own color of safe!  ***


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