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Original High Security Double Door Drop Safe Model 2618

Original High Security Double Door Drop Safe Model 2618
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TL30X6 Drop Safe
Sale Price: $5499.00



  • UL Rated TL30X6 (UL TL 30 Also available)
  • Depository – Anti-fish protection
  • Two Doors – Maximizing cash deposit and cash transfer security
  • Burglary Resistant – Protects against tools, hammers, chisels, wedges, drills, and explosive attacks
  • Fire Resistant – 350 Degree, two-hour Fire Resistant Rating
  • Safe Door – 6.75 inches thick, constructed of high strength composite materials, including a proprietary super alloy in the plate that surrounds the inner door lining
  • Safe Body – Constructed of same composite materials with overall thickness of 3.5 inches
  • Bolt Work – 1.5 inch diameter hardened steel fixed and moving bolts.
  • Dual Locking – UL Rated Group 2M Combination Lock and High Security Key Lock (Optional: Electronic Locks)
  • Locking Mechanism – Protected with a random relocking system. A tempered glass trigger will activate the relocking system in the event the safe is attacked.





The Double Door Drop is tremendously versatile for cash management operations. Money transaction businesses like supermarkets, restaurants, casinos, and night clubs benefit from its non-returnable deposit capabilities. In addition, franchise owners, upper management, and cash business executives can rest assured currency will be protected with the safe’s ULTL30X6 rating. With its advanced engineering, Original’s Double Door Drop Safe is unmatched in the industry.
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