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Amsec SafeWizard Cash Management BSW4020

Amsec SafeWizard Cash Management BSW4020
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The SAFEWIZARD® Electronic Safe Controller is a state-of-the-art electronic product for use in controlling and auditing access to safes. Designed to prevent burglaries and internal theft, the THE SAFEWIZARD® controls and documents each access to the safe. Based on contemporary high speed processors, unique user friendly software techniques and ingenious application ideas, this system surpasses all other safe access control systems.


  • Massive ½" thick solid steel plate with formed body and jamb for maximum protection.
  • 3-way locking mechanism using five 1" chrome plated locking bolts with bolt detent that automatically engages boltwork.
  • Lock protected by a carburized hardplate with auxiliary spring loaded relocker.



  • Heavy ¼" steel door, with slam-bolt lock controlled by the SafeWizard® and a large clear door opening of 6"H x 14"W(*) or 6"H x 19"W (†).
  • Storage below locker I.D.
  • BSW4020: 291/8" x 19¾" x 17"
  • Large “fish” resistant, pull out drop drawer accepts filled envelopes.



  • A powerful processor based on the ColdFire® 32 bit microprocessor.
  • Up to 10,000 audit entries and 40 users.
  • Controls up to 6 safe doors and 1 deposit lock. Safe doors can be configured in any inner-outer arrangement. Man Trap feature to maintain security in a safe room so the Entry Door and the Safe can’t be opened at the same time.
  • Time Delay any door with a 1-99 minute delay and 1-99 minute open period with cancel feature.
  • Time Lock any door, 1-6 windows per day.
  • Authentication options: PIN code and/or Dallas Key access control, optional Finger Print Reader or Card Swipe devices are available.
  • Wrong Try Count Penalty Lockout.
  • Auto-Purge Idle Users option, selectable by Individual User.
  • Forced PIN Changes to decrease risk of compromised PINs.
  • Armored Car courier Time Delay and Lock Bypass.
  • Duress/Hold-up Alarm with Silent Signal.
  • Burglary Alarm output triggering from selectable events.
  • Holiday Schedule with up to 16 programmable events per year.
  • Automatic Daylight Savings Adjustment, selectable and configurable.
  • Dual Control Mode on any individual door, selectable by user.
  • Built-in key maker, complete with management tool set, audit trail sorting by several criteria.
  • Deposit Tracking system to provide the highest level of cash management security.
  • Audit trial can be downloaded to a Windows CE® based palmtop via the IR Port for compact and portable administration.
  • Audit utility allows PC based audit storage management, data filter and sorting capabilities and excellent exception reporting to focus on key security issues.
  • Ultra-high contrast 8 line by 21 character graphics display.
  • Rechargeable Battery Backup.
  • Built-in System Diagnostics.
  • Parallel Printer Interface.
  • English and Spanish language options.






H x W x D

H x W x D*




LOCKER: 61/8 x 19¾x 13½ 

STORAGE: 291/8 x 19¾ x 17 

42 x 20 x 20

34 ¾ x 16 ¼



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