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Original Safe & Vault Inc. (OSV) - High Security Safes




Original Safe & Vault Inc. is a high security safe manufacturer that produces burglary rated safes, fire safes, drop safes, gun safes and residential safes for businesses and homes in the United States and, worldwide.  Their most popular safe is their Platinum Vault, an Underwriter's Laboratories (UL) burglary rated high security safe that has the prestigous TL30X6 UL Label.  At first, the Platinum Vault was simply a safe for jewelers.  Jewelry exchange owners in New York City's Diamond District filled their exchanges with the Platinum Vault and, then jewelry exchange owners in New Jersey followed that trend and, then before you knew it, the Original Platinum Vault became a "must have" if you were opening up a jewelry store or business.  Soon after, popularity began to grow from a lot of the affluent clients of these jewelers.  Jewelers' clients started wanting the same protection that their own jeweler had.  For many homeowners, it made perfect sense to secure their high valued investments like diamonds and gold watches in a safe that not only would protect like no other home safe on the market but, could also potentially lower their high insurance premiums. 


With the boom in home security in the United States, Original Safe & Vault Inc. needed to keep up with the demand for higher quality home safes, especially since the Platinum Vault is a heavy safe that is best to rest on supported floors such as, homes that are built on concrete slabs or, garages and basements that have concrete flooring.  Many clients desired safes upstairs in their walk in closets or, in their home offices which only have wood flooring and; at the same time, wholesale safe dealers and locksmiths also reported that consumers wanted Original Safes that could go upstairs or downstairs and, wanted smaller, more economical safes since their security needs were not at a jeweler's level.  OSV wanted to accomodate these clients and, what they did next revolutionized the home safe market.  They took the Platinum Vault, armed with a world class locking mechanism, glass relockers and, other high security features, sized it down and, lightened it up in weight to create the Original Enforcer and the Original Resistor series of home safes. 


OSV's Resistor safe is a heavy duty home safe that can best be described as a "Mini Platinum Vault."  Original first designed the Resistor for select homeowners seeking a high level of burglary and fire protection but, it became evident that business owners could also benefit from using a Resistor safe to protect cash, electronics, confidential documents, media, and their business products such as cell phones or cameras for example.  Today, the Original Resistors are available in six different sizes starting at a one cubic foot size safe up to an 1,133 lb., 4½' tall Resistor. 


Original Safe & Vault's Enforcer safe may one day eclipse all of OSV's series of safes as the most well known safe among the OSV lineup.  Because of its economical price point, the Enforcer safe is quickly becoming the personal safe that individuals want instead of the "big box store" safes.  Powerful yet affordable, the Enforcer maintains most of the high security features and engineering of its "big brother", the Platinum Vault, but, is much lighter in weight for residential applications. 


Platinum Vault UL TL30X6


Titan UL TL30


Resistor Home & Business


Enforcer Home & Office


Original UL TRTL30X6


Bastion UL TL30






Real Time Photos & Specs of Actual Original Safes


6434 Original Platinum Vault UL TL30X6 High Security Safe


5625 Original Platinum Vault UL TL30X6 High Security Safe


7036 Original Bastion Minivault UL TL30 High Security Safe


2217 Original Platinum Vault UL TL30X6 High Security Safe


7036 Original Platinum Vault UL TL30X6 High Security Safe


5220 Original Bastion UL TL30 High Security Safe

2216 Original Enforcer Home & Office Safe


2618 Original UL TRTL30X6 High Security Safe


1814 Original Resistor Heavy Duty Home Safe


1814 Original Enforcer Home & Office Safe


6422 Original Platinum Vault UL TL30X6 High Security Safe