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AMSEC Fireproof Wall Safe WFS149

AMSEC Fireproof Wall Safe WFS149
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Sale Price: $480.00

Safe Features:

1 hour fire rating, insuring the inside temperature never exceeded 350o (paper chars at 450o).
Extra deep interior, with a convenient pullout tray.
Three wheel combination lock with knob operated locking mechanism.
Key lock to be used together with the dial combination lock for added security.
Equipped with (1) live locking bolt (1/2").
Impressive 5/8” thick door with attractive two-tone Sage finish.
Recessed door so that the lock and handle will not stick out. Pictures can be hung over this safe to hide it.



Internal Dimensions

External Dimensions

Clear Door

Cu. In.



14 x 8.5 x 10.625

19.125 x 13.5 x 15.75

14 x 8.5



When fire is a concern, there is no better wall safe than the WFS149 or WEST149.


Fireproof Wall Safe WFS149 Open


Fireproof Wall Safe WFS149 Closed

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