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Megasafe Infinity Fortress 5520 UL TL-30

Megasafe Infinity Fortress 5520 UL TL-30
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Incredible Protection 
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  • UL TL30 High Security Rating: Potentially insures up to $500,000
  • Inside Dimensions(inches): 55” High x 20” Wide x 20" Deep
  • Outside Dimensions(inches): 60.9” High x 25.9” Wide x 29.3" Deep
  • Cubic Feet: 12.73
  • Weight: 2,200 lbs.




Megasafe is proud to introduce its new and improved UL Rated TL-30 high-security safes. Designed, tested and constructed by a team of international safe experts and engineers. The Megasafe INFINITY is built to withstand most concentrated modern day burglary attacks as well as a fire-rating if 2 hours. With Megasafe you can take solace knowing we have a track record of manufacturing and supplying the world’s strongest, quality high security safes and vaults since 1914!




The INFINITY’s door is constructed of inner and outer electrically welded steel plates including our “Z” reinforcement bars covering the entire door. An advanced manganese alloy super steel hardplate covers the entire door to protect the locks and mechanism areas against drilling and cutting. The door has an overall thickness of 5¼’’ with a barrier thickness of 3’’. The specific arrangement and choice of the high tech barrier materials is what gives the door superior resistance to concentrated and repeat burglary attacks with a wide range of modern tools.




Megasafe has redesigned the INFINITY’s security barrier in the body of the safe achieving a thinner and lighter high-tech security barrier without compromising its integrity and security. It is constructed of inner and outer electrically welded steel plates including our “Z” reinforcement bars welded to the inner and outer body that together with Megasafe’s ultra dense “Megacrete” and reinforcement special alloy grid from a 3’’ uniquely strong body.




Megasafe’s patented 3 way, laser-cut locking mechanism activates massive 1 3/8'' bolts.

A continuous, reinforced interlock rail secures the door on the hinge side. A tempered glass plate protects the vital mechanism area. An attack by tool, torch or explosives will shatter the glass activating two independent relocking devices which additionally lock the boltwork mechanism.




The INFINITY Fortress is equipped with a Group 2 UL-listed combination lock. Each safe can also be fitted with optional secondary UL-listed key lock. An optional UL-listed electronic combination lock can also be fitted on the safe as an optional extra.



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