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Best Safe in the World | Chubb Sovereign 6428

Best Safe in the World | Chubb Sovereign 6428
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Meet the Most Indestructible

SAFE on the Planet




Chubb is respected as perhaps the greatest safe company of all time, especially for their work during the post war era between 1950 to 1980 when London, England Safe Manufacturing had no limits on designing and building brilliant masterpieces of safes.  The world's elite diamond tycoons like Harry Winston™ were in demand of the most powerful safe man could build and, Chubb's A Team of engineers and metallurgists went to its greatest lengths ever to impress and prove that no explosive attack nor thermic lance could defeat their greatest accomplishment, The Chubb Sovereign.


The Original Chubb Sovereign is as rare to the public as the diamonds it was born to protect.  A safe like this will never be made again.  In today's market of precious metals, the Chubb Sovereign would cost an astonishing $150,000 dollars to manufacture, or £99886.79. It is no surprise that a safe this impeccable can be underwrited for up to $20 Million dollars of an insurance policy at the stroke of a pen.



Constructed flawlessly, it stands at 6' 3" Tall, 37½ inches Wide and is 3¾ Tons of PURE GREATNESS. The five walls and door are made up of a fortress of massive, thick alloy plates of copper, aluminum and carbon steel that encompass the most impregnable alloy barrier material ever formulated to protect against an unlimited arsenal of burning, breaching, cutting and explosive burglary weapons.


Chubb conducted its own testing in London and, also tested independently in France by Laboratoire du Feu. Offsite explosive testing was performed in remote Caribbean Islands for private client witnessing and, in London and France, some of the world's best safecrackers exhausted the most exreme and rigorous testing to a steadfast Sovereign.





  • THIS IS THE ORIGINAL CHUBB SOVEREIGN: Built in 1979 to be the Best Safe this World ever witnessed then and now.  Chubb makes a safe they call the Sovereign today but, make no mistake about it, there are only a few ORIGINAL Chubb Sovereigns left available to the public.
  • It is one of the Rarest Jewelry Safes in the World: This safe can potentially insure in excess of $10 Million with potential for $20 Million in coverage.
  • Strongest 6 Foot Tall Safe in the World:  This is the cream of the crop in the history of large capacity safes.  Professional safecrackers would dread going up against the Chubb Sovereign.
  • Unparalleled Burglary & Fire Resistance:  Being able to withstand the Thermic Lance, a burglary weapon that slices metal like a hot knife in butter, the Chubb Sovereign stands alone as the most powerful 6' tall safe ever manufactured.
  • Explosives: The Sovereign can withstand high explosives such as nitroglycerin, the key ingredient in dynamite.
  • Equivalent to TXTL60: The Most Powerful of All Safes in the World
  • Interior Dimensions(Inches): 64" High  x  28"  Wide  x  21"  Deep
  • Interior Design: At your request
  • Cubic Feet (Inside space): 21.78
  • Exterior Dimensions(Inches):  73"  High  x  37.5"  Wide  x   32.5" Deep
  • Overall Safe Weight: 7,447 lbs.  Yes, 7,447 lbs.


CHUBB SOVEREIGN The Best Safe in the World Original Brochure


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  • Safe Body & Safe Door Composition: The Sovereign is a seamless, monolithic One Piece Composite Body Casting.  Both the Door and Body are comprised of sophisticated, hard abrasion layered castings made with Copper/Zac Nuggets, and Stainless Steel/Zac Nuggets, cast as One Integral Unit.  This unique Barrier Matrix encases on ALL Six Sides an additional layered wall of alloy material designed to resist the Thermic Lance.  The Walls are 4¼" Thick, and the Door has an overall thickness of 7¾".


  • Two Lock Entry: There are two locks that need to be unlocked to enter the safe.  The first lock is a high security mechanical lock, and the second lock is a high security key lock.
  • Time Lock: This Chubb Sovereign is also equipped with a High Security Time Lock that can be activated at your convenience.


  • 4 Way Moving Bolts: All 16 Locking Steel Bolts are a massive 1½ thick each.  Each steel bolt locks into its own bolt chamber.  Once in locked position, the safe becomes one integral unit.
  • Chubb Isolator Locking Mechanism: Simply known as "the isolator", Chubb's world renown locking mechanism completely disconnects the bolt throwing ("turn") handle from all 16 locking bolts, making it virtually impossible for the door to ever leave the body by force.  Only the safe's true owner can ever open the safe.
  • Glass ReLockers:  Additional relockers located in strategic attack angles that guarantee the door from never opening to intruders.


  • Manufacturer: Made by Chubb 
  • Location Made: London, England
  • Year Made: 1979


  • Previous Owner: Confidential but, let's just say a lot of the rarest diamonds in the U.S. were first imported by him.


  • Installation & Delivery: Installing a safe that weighs 3¾ tons is certainly no easy task.  Luckily, Lacka Safe is at your service.  The final resting spot for this incredible structure is for you to decide.  We will place it where you want it.


  • Service & Lifetime Warranty: Lacka Safe will be at your service for a lifetime.  The safe comes with a lifetime warranty for parts and labor.  The team of Lacka Safe will always be available to service your Chubb Sovereign.
  • 2 Chubb Sovereigns Available: We have this one pictured which is a Right Hand Swing and, we also have one in a Left Hand Swing that opens to the Left.  Choose your preference, even take both if you would like!


  • Message from Lacka Safe:     The Chubb Sovereign is the best safe on the market and, it will never be made again.  We are lucky to be able to offer this to you.  The Chubb Sovereign is a complete investment that is guaranteed to return to you immeasurable benefits.  Its pure physical value in 7,447 pounds of precious metal is already an investment in itself.  Being super rare, the sky is the limit for its potential antique value but, most of all, the peace of mind this masterpiece of a safe can bring its owner is truly priceless!  If you require maximum security for your heirlooms, gold bars, diamonds, coin collections, antiques and cash, make it yours by emailing us at or call us at 1-800-345-6552 for professional consultation with a Hookway Safe Representative.