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Original Enforcer Laptop and Handgun Safe

Original Enforcer Laptop and Handgun Safe
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Original Safe & Vault Inc. is proud to introduce the latest product in high quality secure storage solutions for your home or office.  From the family of Original Enforcer Safes, the highest quality economical safes on the market, Original Safe offers you their brand new Enforcer Laptop & Handgun Safe!  


With a spacious interior of 16 inches wide and 13 inches deep along with a full foot of height (12.5"), you can comfortably store a large laptop, a few handguns, legal size documents, tablets, digital cameras, checkbooks, jewelry boxes, hard drives, cash and, your other precious valuables!  


The Original Enforcer Laptop & Handgun Safe is a perfect fit to place in closets, next to your bed, under your desk or, in any of your favorite hiding spots.  It has 2 anchor holes in the bottom so you can bolt the safe down.





Safe Model
(Cubic Capacity Inside)
Shelves Weight
Enforcer Height Width Depth Height Width Depth      

Laptop &


12½ 16 13 16½ 20 18 1.5 1 119
Add an additional 2 inches to depth for handles and hinges.





  • The Enforcer Laptop & Handgun Safe is built by Original Safe & Vault, Inc. (OSV), a high security safe and vault manufacturer.  
  • Fire & Burglary Safe: This Enforcer is constructed specifically to resist burglary attempts and, to keep the inside temperature below 350 degrees for 1 Hour in a fire.  
  • Access Control: The door is secured by a coded, user friendly, high security lock that allows only the safe's owner to access the inside.
  • High Security Standard Features:
    • All OSV Safes, including this Enforcer, are equipped with an advanced Locking Mechanism designed to deter burglary attacks.  
    • Locking Bolts in 4 Directions: Top, bottom, side and hinge side steel bolts lock deep into their own respective bolt chambers.  Once you close the door and, turn the handle, you unify the door and body into one powerful integral unit extremely difficult for an outsider to try and penetrate through prying, pummelling, chiseling, drilling and, other burglary efforts.
    • High Security Lock with Reinforced Glass ReLocker: The heart of Original's Locking Mechanism is the one two punch combination of a high security lock and, its "back up plan" or "safety valve", the Reinforced Glass ReLocker.  
      • A) The Original Enforcer Laptop and Handgun Safe is anchored by the LG Basic II Chrome High Security Electronic Lock.  It allows you to open the safe with your own six digit code within seconds. Such quick access can be extremely important in situations where time is of the essence.  This Enforcer can be equipped with different locks upon request.  For example, if you prefer a Mechanical Lock (Dial, Combo) or, even a Biometric (Fingerprint) Lock, you can discuss these options with us.
      • B) Reinforced Glass ReLocker: This high security feature is one that you hope will never have to be used.  If the Glass ReLocker has been triggered, that means that someone has attempted to burglarize your safe.  The Glass ReLocker is the final protector of the locking mechanism that activates in the scenario that your lock is tampered with.  If a burglar somehow successfully defeats the first high security lock, then the Glass ReLocker will trigger and will shut down the mechanism, effectively keeping the door closed and, most importantly, your valuables secure from the intruder.
    • Anchor Holes: The Enforcer is equipped with 2 Anchor holes that will allow you to bolt the safe down further increasing the difficulty of the safe being removed from your location.
  • Standard Interior: 1 Adjustable metal shelf
  • Interior Options: Additional shelves, carpeted shelves, drawers.
  • Lifetime Warranty


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