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Gardall Gun Safe GF6040

Gardall Gun Safe GF6040
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GF6040 Safe Features:
Double Layer of Fire Protection
3-way locking bolts - 7 active 11
⁄2” bolts
U.L. Group II lock with spyproof dial
2 layers 5/8” U.L. rated fire board insulation
5 spoke handle
4 anchoring holes in bottom
Capacity: 47 gun capacity
U.L. Approved Intumescent door seal expands
to 7X original size
Fire tested at 1200°F for 55 minutes
3 dead bolts on hinge side
Add 3” to depth for handle


Powder Coated Matte Finish: Black, Maroon or Hunter Green.

4 Anchoring Holes with Hardware included.

LaGard Group II combination lock standard.

S&G Type I Electronic Lock 



Outside Dimensions
H      W   D

Inside Dimensions

H      W     D

Approx.Weight (lbs) .



59 ” 30” 26”

55” 371 ⁄4” 20



Gardall Gun Safe GF6040


Gardall Gun Safe GF6040


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