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·         CLASS B Insurance Rating – ½” steel door with punch resistant bolt and relocking device to deter forcible entry. 1/4” steel body construction.

·         Triple boltwork with independent relocking device.

·         Lock Choice #1 - Dual Custody Key Locks – Requires 2 keys to open door for absolute security  

·         Lock Choice #2 (AS PICTURED)- Finest quality U.L. Group II S&G combination lock - changeable combination, capable of 1 million possible choices.

·         Relocking device – If back cover is knocked off of lock, the independent relock device is activated, preventing bolt withdrawal. Available on either combination or dual key operated doors.

·         Front Loading Capacity – designed to fit most large money bags – 3”x101⁄2”x 7”

·         4 anchoring holes in base.


To Operate Front Loading Depository


  • Pull drop door forward, place items to be deposited inside, release the drop door. Deposited item should drop inside. Open the drop door to be certain.

IMPORTANT! These safes are built with the intent of keeping large bills and valuables out of unprotected areas, until deposits can be made. They are not meant to be used as unprotected storage safes for overnight, or lengthy periods of time. Discuss your need with a Lacka Safe professional.



These safes are designed to protect money collections where immediate deposit is required. Deposits can be made into the safe while the door is locked. Its baffle design prevents contents from being removed through the entry opening.




Outside Dimensions   H      W     D

Depository Door

H     W    D

Inside Dimensions
H     W     D

Weight (lbs.)


19”  13½”  15”

        3½” 12”

12”   12¾”   12”



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We ship safes to the entire United States, but if you are located in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware, you may be able to call us about our white glove installation.