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Original Home Safes: Enforcer and Resistor Safes


Original Safe & Vault Inc. has been the leading high security safe manufacturer for more than 28 years. Because of the explosion in demand of people installing safes into their homes and apartments, Original Safe has created two versions of their high security safes that were designed for anyone's personal use. Both versions of home safes by Original are equipped with security features that the high security Platinum Vault and Titan by Original have. These are features that would ultimately make a difference if a thief attacked your safe with tools. Original's Home Safes, called the Enforcers and Resistors (heavier version), all have 4 Way Locking Bolts, Active Glass Relockers, UL Listed High Security Locks, and Original Safe's unmatched Locking Mechanism.The Enforcer Series of home safes have one hour fire ratings. The Resistor Series of home safes are substantially heavier and, have two hour fire ratings.


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Original Resistor Safe 5216
Original Resistor Safe 5216
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